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DJI AGRAS T30 Spraying Drone

The DJI AGRAS T30 agricultural drone, with a carrying capacity of up to 8 gallons, takes crop protection to a new level. It’s revolutionary technology helps solve the challenges of spraying pesticides. With the help of DJI digital farming solutions, you can reduce fertilizer and pesticide applications, and increase yields on a scientific basis.

Why choose the DJI AGRAS T30 spraying drone?

Benefits and features

Maximum efficiency spraying

  • 8 gallon spraying tank and up to 29.5 ft spraying width
  • Equipped with 16 nozzles and 8 solenoid valve sets for consistent spraying
  • The double-plunger pumps deliver strong spraying power
  • Spray up to 35 acres in a single hour

Autonomous operation

  • One-key take-off, intelligent route planning, predefined flight modes and automatic edge sweeping help you get the job done
  • The level meter adapts to pesticide and battery capacity to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • The Breakpoint feature allows the drone to resume its task from exactly where it was interrupted due to tank filling or battery replacement

Safe flying in all conditions

  • The spherical (omnidirectional) obstacle avoidance system provides circular (spherical) detection
  • Intelligent, autonomous obstacle detection and avoidance, maximum adaptation to the terrain
  • Front and back (FPV) cameras enable real-time monitoring of application processes
  • High-brightness spotlight for nighttime operations
  • Capable of operating in all weather and environmental conditions; the 6-rotor design offers high stability

Streamlined protection and long-term operation

  • IP67 protection—the AGRAS T30 spraying drone’s control equipment is protected from the hardships of the environment by a fully enclosed and waterproof housing.
  • Robust and highly durable drone body with a long-lasting, reliable support structure
  • Electronic parts are protected against water and corrosion
  • Fully washable after use
  • For easier transportation and storage, the drone’s arms can be folded to fit easily into a space up to 80% less than its full size

2-4 batteries and a fast charger so the drone can work continuously

  • 29,000mAh high-performance smart battery
  • The maximum battery performance is guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to 1000 charging cycles
  • The 7200W ultra-fast charger can charge a battery in 10 minutes, so you only need two batteries and a single charger for continuous operation. We recommend 3 or 4 batteries
  • Charging can be started immediately right after landing — no need to wait for the battery to cool down

Smart remote control with outstanding brightness level

  • 5.5-inch high-brightness screen for clear visibility, even in intense sunlight
  • It can coordinate the safe operation of several drones (up to 3) at the same time; Swarm Mode for flying a fleet of spraying drones
  • Improved interference filtering, increased signal strength and high-precision RTK receiver

Adjustable arms for foliage spaying

  • The optional orchard/canopy spraying system for AGRAS T30 enables increased transfer of pesticide through the top layer of the canopy
  • Consistent pesticide spraying from top to bottom
  • Improves the effectiveness of fruit tree spraying by up to 100%
  • Quick and easy arm adjustment
  • DJI Smart Agricultural Platform and 3D surface modeling make precision farming more convenient and transparent than ever

Delivery/spreading of granular materials

  • Delivery/spreading of granular materials
  • Real-time weight monitoring, alerting you the exact time the tank starts to become empty
  • The hopper can be refilled in minutes, so there is no downtime